swimming lessons, enquiry form, swim school

Wessex Swim School offers lessons with 3 swimmers in a class up to a max of 5 in the higher stages. We use private, small school pools and take children from 3 years upwards. To get more information on prices, availability and more please send us your email and preferred location below. swimming lessons, enquiry form, swim school

Find out more about swimming lessons with Wessex Swim School

We will then send you an email with more details on prices, locations and an offer for a free trial with us at a location and time that suits you. Please note we have limited availability in some of our swimming pools but we will aim to get you in for a free swimming lesson trial as soon as possible. Thanks for choosing Wessex Swim School.

If you would like to book in for a FREE TRIAL straightaway please complete the BOOKING FORM here to get the process underway!

swimming lessons, enquiry form, swim school