Poolside Assessments

Ensure your child is in the right class

Why Poolside Assessments?

At Wessex Swim School we want to see your child succeed in their Swimming Lessons as quickly as possible. A key way to do that is ensuring early on that they are in the right class to suit their needs and abilities.

We are now happily offering one off sessions called ‘Poolside Assessments’ where your child will get to experience a Wessex Swim School lesson and our teachers and supervisors will be able to confirm what stage they are working at.

This assessment can take place at any of our pools, as part of any session and the best part is. If you are not 100% happy with what you see from Wessex Swim School while at the Poolside Assessment and do not want to carry on, we will refund the cost of the class.

We do have advice on our website about what each stage requires so you can make an educated decision when booking your child into their assessment but our fully qualified teachers will be able to make a decision after the first lesson about what stage your child is working at!

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